Map - South West Corsica

Airport: Ajaccio
Ports: Propriano, Ajaccio
Distance Ajaccio – Piana: approx. 1h30 by car
Distance Propriano – Ajaccio: approx. 1h by car

The south-west of the island is a large region that brings together different landscapes and ambiances, from the west coast and its iconic coves, to the micro-region of Valinco, through to Ajaccio, the largest town in southern Corsica. We have selected the finest hotels in South West Corsica so you can compose an unforgettable tailor-made tour.


Porto, Piana & Cargèse

Porto is a must-see on the west coast of Corsica thanks to its square Genoese tower, its welcoming, small center and its proximity to emblematic sites such as the Scandola nature reserve by the sea side or the Spelunca gorge in the mountains.

Considered one of the most beautiful villages in France, Piana offers a panoramic view of the Gulf of Porto and the red granite cliffs the Scandola World Heritage Site. A stopover in Piana is strongly recommended by the team at Les Voyages Linea to enjoy this dazzling spectacle from sunrise to sunset.

Cargèse, the city has 2 two face-to-face churches – one Greek, one Roman which, as well as its most pleasant setting, merit a visit to the town. Near the village is the pretty Genoese tower of Omigna, located on one of the most western peninsulas of the island.

Corsica journey
corsica journey


The Imperial city

Birthplace of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, Ajaccio is today the largest town on Corsica. A friendly atmosphere reigns in the town centre with a lively marina during the summer season, daily market, pedestrian streets, shops and restaurants …

Further afield, nature takes over: Genoese towers to discover, hiking trails, deserted or serviced beaches …

Ajaccio combines all the ingredients necessary for a complete trip, both relaxing and exhilarating.


In the heart of the Gulf of Valinco

Propriano is a very popular seaside resort due to its geographical location, close to the main points of interest of Ajaccio, Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, and in the heart of a region protected from major tourist influxes.

The small town and its surroundings are home to a number of renowned restaurants in the heart of a still unspoilt environment.

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