For several years, ancestral trades have been revalued, and help  the unoccupied villages to revive in winter. Blacksmiths, Potters, Carpenters reborn everywhere in the island. The age-old know-how is recognized in the work of chestnut wood, metal (metalwork), wicker (basket of fishermen), but also the weaving of sheep’s wool and embroidery.

Shepherd’s knives with their curved handles are objects to bring back in youy suitcases.

The inspiration comes from everything that makes Corsica.

Craftmen are often said to have their souls in their hands. We can add that the Corsican craft has its island in the heart.

corsica travel
corsica travel

At the heart of this nature, creativity seems limitless and is full of symbols, beliefs and charms. Corsica is the muse of all these talents.

The use of driftwood, coral and mother-of-pearl is found in many creations. The jewelry is adorned with semi-precious stones and the eye of Saint Lucia (operculum of a shell, lucky charm in Corsica).

Some creations represent Napoleon Bonaparte or strong religious symbols of the island, such as the cross or the Virgin Mary medal.

The cosmetic craftsmen make soap with donkey milk, balms and creams with immortelle. Natural cosmetics, sometimes organic, and especially precious thanks to the island nature treasures.

Every year, the Creazione festival brings together the best of island design and fashion creation. A TV show “Made in Corsica” presents the local talent.