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We guide you through an authentic and preserved Corsica. Because a trip with us is above all to enjoy the moment, to marvel, to share privileged moments, to create unique memories…


A mountain in the sea

Corsica has a population of 330,000 inhabitants, covering an area of ​​8,680 km², for only 38 inhabitants per km². For comparison, the population of Crete is 2 times larger for about the same area! Corsica thus still benefits from sumptuous virgin, wild and protected landscapes. The regional natural park covers 40% of the area of ​​the island!

This unspoilt natural environment, both on the sea and on the mountain side, is the major asset of what is called the island of beauty.

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corsica travel


A flag, an anthem

Curious emblem that this head of Moorish profile wearing a white headband! There are many fantasies about the history of this flag. Among the most sensible, it seems that the Moorish head was imposed in Corsica and Sardinia at the time of the Aragonese domination in the Mediterranean (13th century). In its first version, the headband was placed on the eyes. It would have been raised in 1755 by Pascal Paoli as a symbol of freedom during the Corsica independence period.

Adopted in Corsica in 1762, the anthem “Dio Vi Salvi Regina” is a religious song paying homage to the Virgin Mary ; today sung in many official, cultural or sports ceremonies.

A mother tongue

Corsican is a Romance language close to Italian. This similarity can be explained by centuries of Italian occupation (from the 12th to the 18th century), as well as by the geographical proximity of the island to Tuscany or Sardinia.

If the language is taught today at school, the older generations often do not know how to write it. Indeed, when the island became French in 1769, it was forbidden to speak Corsican. French was learned at school, and Corsican was secretly transmitted at home.
First writings will appear in order to preserve a language and traditions in the process of extinction. In the 1970s, Corsican will be officially recognized as a regional language.

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