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Meeting with a corsican shepherd

Pastoralism is the essence of the identity of Corsica. That is why, we propose you to go to meet this traditional and authentic Corsica.

An authentic activity

From breeding to production, discover the daily life of the island shepherds, their know-how and their values. Charcuterie, cheese, sheep or goat, between sweetness and character, you can taste the seasonal products and thus contribute to preserve the traditions

This authentic activity follows the rhythm of the seasons, transhumance, milkings and production. Thus, you can fully enjoy this pastoral experience in Corsica between the months of November and June. During the summer, the animals are in the mountains until autumn!

Our team has listed for you shepherds in the four corners of Corsica: from the west coast to the east coast, through Valinco and Ajaccio in the South West or Balagne in the North West. Thus, whatever the chosen place for your holidays, we can advise you a visit to a sheepfold of the most traditional.

No doubt you will enjoy these warm encounters, with his men and women passionate about their land and their animals. Exchanges, sharing and … tasting program of this authentic activity in Corsica!

corsica village producer


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