Our exclusive activities selection

Les Voyages Linea offers a selection of exceptional land-based activities to enjoy in Corsica. We have carefully selected activities for your pleasure while discovering an alternative, confidential and intimate Corsica.

holidays activites in corsica

Meeting with a shepherd

Pastoralism is the essence of the identity of Corsica. That is why we suggest you to encounter this traditional and authentic Corsica. From breeding to production, discover the daily life of the island shepherds, their know-how and their values. Milk, cheese; sheep or goat, with flavours between mild and ‘character’, you can taste the seasonal products and thus contribute to the preservation of the traditional methods.

holidays activites in corsica

Discovery of maquis plants

Smell, touch, guess … all your senses will be awakened during this excursion to discover the aromatic plants of the corsican maquis, their characteristics and sometimes their benefits or even their legend! immortelle, rockrose, myrtle, lentiscus and many other fragrances to discover in order to better understand corsica and the richness of its flora. with each of the different the seasons and regions, corsica offers you many beautiful surprises.

holidays activites in corsica

Meeting with a craftsman

Basketry, cutlery, soap factory, jewelry creation, coral, stone, sheep’s wool or wood work, pottery or glass blower: Crafts in Corsica plays an significant role. We take you to meet these artisans with fairy fingers . You will discover how ancestral know-how and modernity maintain and value Corsican creativity and heritage.

Meeting with a local producer

Honey, olive oil, wine, chestnut flour or hazelnut are products from corsican vegetable farming. We invite you on the senses road for a farm discovery, for a visit and a tasting, with these talented farmers who work the land to dazzle our senses.

holidays activites in corsica

Bike Tour

Electric bike for a country walk or mountain bike for a sporty outing, we offer several options to discover Corsica by bike. Renting a bike is an unusual and pleasant option to get around the city, reach the beaches, discover the hinterland on a guided hike or on the go, and simply have fun.

holidays activites in corsica

Yoga and nature

Either private or group lessons, in your hotel, on the beach or in the forest: according to where you are staying in Corsica, Les Voyages Linea offers a range of wellness activities, accessible to both novices and experienced “yogis”. Emotion, balance, flexibility – there’s nothing like it for starting or ending your day. Because holidays are intended for you to take care of yourself, let yourself be tempted by this activity.

holidays activites in corsica


The island of beauty offers a thousand and one hiking trails, by the sea, on the plains or in mountains. an invigorating trek, a family wander or a sports walk: everyone will find happiness among the many trails carefully preserved by the corsican regional natural park. be guided by professionals who, in addition to showing you the way, will share with you their inexhaustible knowledge of the island’s nature.


Quad Tour

Thrill-seekers, let yourself be tempted by a quad tour in Corsica. Several possible routes depending on your place of stay and your desires: road villages, crossing vineyards, hiking on the sea or through the maquis. Discover exceptional points of view in an original way, in privatized exit or in group.

holidays activites in corsica

Canyoning and river activities

Whether you are a thrill-seeker or prefer to relax in the shade of pine trees, the corsican mountains and its rivers are a great playground for nature lovers. we offer you a wide range of exhilarating sports activities from the north to the south of corsica (canyoning, rafting) in unspoilt locations in which to enjoy an invigorating swim in the transparent waters.

holidays activites in corsica

Green fees & Blu skies

An unexpected golf destination, corsica attracts more and more fans of the greens from around the world. It’s not difficult to understand why when you discover the few and fascinating courses on the island. Playing in the heart of the mountains or facing the blue shades of the mediterranean sea accentuates the pleasure for golfers, and creates new interest in the sport.