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Aerial activities in Corsica

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Corsica viewed from the sky

Les Voyages Linea invites you to discover Corsica from the air through an excellent selection of means of transport, each offering their own unique sensations.

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Helicopter Delights

Whether it’s a first flight, a sightseeing tour, a family flight or a romantic trip at sunset, Les Voyages Linea invites you to discover Corsica in the most magical way possible … as seen from sky. From your hotel (depending on possibilities) or from the nearest landing pad, climb aboard for a ride above the clouds … or almost.

Corsican parachute jump

Parachute jump

Thrill-seekers, enjoy your trip to Corsica to do a parachute jump. In tandem with an experienced parachutist, you’ll experience one of the craziest sensations you’ll ever experience: flying! You will be able to immortalize this unforgettable moment thanks to a video from the preparation to the take-off, jump and landing

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Intoxicating paragliding

Between thrills and wonder, a paragliding flight in corsica is an activity you have to try. whatever the season, it is an excellent way to discover the beauty of corsica from the air. installed in a two-seater with a professional, you just have to enjoy the magic of the moment, while your canopy, gently rocked by the wind, guides you.

Holidays activities corsica

Ultralight Experience

Yet another way to discover corsica from the air! comfortably seated in a small plane and accompanied by an experienced pilot, the flight can begin. to make a corsica discovery trip or simply fly over the sea and the mountains, the ultralight flight offers unique sensations that more and more travellers want to experience.

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As a family, alone or in pairs, discover the Corsican coast from the air and … at sea! The parachute tracked by a boat takes you to the rhythm of the wind and gives you time to admire the sumptuous landscapes of the Corsican coast, almost 100 meters above sea level. For the more adventurous, the boat will be able to have fun with a little speed!